Friday, April 9, 2010

Free Post Dividers

Don't just finish your blog posts, complete them! Nothing says "I'm done talking now" more elegantly than a beautiful post divider. I'm offering the following five post dividers totally free - no strings attached.

To install, just paste the code beneath your divider of choice into an HTML widget. Easy Peasy!! If you need any help send me an email and I'll set you up. If you want a customized original divider I'm offering them for only $3 until the end of April!

If you love your new free divider please consider adding my button to your blog.


  1. Hey Krista, I added one of your borders to my blog. I have to figure out how to get rid of the other one. I love the little beads! I added your button to my blog list!

  2. I love them! I am definitely going to borrow them for my blog and give you all the credit!

  3. Thank you!! Love the dividers!! Much appreciated...